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How often can I run Truece Reports?

You can run a report as often as you want to.

Keep in mind that with a Basic account you can only access your last 60 days of Truece activity – we suggest running a report and saving it once a month.

If you want access to unlimited history in Truece, consider Subscribing to Truece.

Note: You can see your registration date in Truece – go to Settings > Profile.

Can reports be altered by my ex or my ex’s attorney?

No! Once your information is recorded in Truece it cannot be altered. We are dedicated to providing secure and accurate reporting.

What reports can I get?

  • Sent and received messages
  • Expense requests & reimbursement information
  • Expenses paid
  • Parenting time

What do the reports look like?

View a sample report here.

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