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What is Truece?

Welcome to Truece Tips!

Here you’ll find answers to our most frequently asked questions, as well as how-to guides to help you build your Truece Community. You’ll also find contact information to get in touch with the Truece Team if you’d like to ask a question you don’t see answered here. Thank you for your interest in Truece – we hope you find what you’re looking for!

What is Truece?

Truece is a mobile app that provides communication and organizational tools for co-parents and their communities.

Truece includes features for messaging, finances, scheduling, notes, custody tracking, and document storage.

What can Truece do for me?

Truece provides a convenient and comprehensive tool that enables you to manage the day-to-day details of co-parenting. You can easily and accurately record information like custody time, text conversations with your ex, and child-related expenses so that you don’t have to keep track of it yourself. Truece can compile thorough and accurate court-admissible reports. No more searching through old bank statements or taking

Truece can compile thorough and accurate court-admissible reports. No more searching through old bank statements or taking screen shots of text conversations and google calendars! Use Truece’s robust suite of features to streamline all of your parenting information in one easy-to-use app.

What are the benefits of Truece?

Simplicity: Keep all of your parenting-related information in one centralized, easy-to-use hub!

Security: Your information is protected and you decide who sees what.
Transparency: Accurate, time-stamped information will remove any doubt about “who said what” or “who picked the kids up when.”

Reliability: Access your information anytime, anywhere. Messaging and Expenses are searchable by keyword so you can quickly and easily recall specific information when you need it. Reports are court-admissible and provide thorough records about your co-parenting history. (See also: What reports can I get?)

Peace of mind: Reduce stress by knowing that all of your co-parenting information is recorded, secured, and available when you need it!

Can I use Truece to share parenting information with people other than my ex?

Absolutely! Truece is a valuable tool you can share with your entire parenting community: attorneys, grandparents, parenting evaluators, mediators, etc. Use it to connect with anyone who is involved in your co-parenting journey!

Does my ex have to use Truece in order for it to work?

No, even if your ex chooses not to sign up for Truece, you can still benefit from it! As a single user, you can record your custody time, track payments, manage your family schedule, and share important documents with your lawyer, counselor, or other family professionals. You can even upload text conversations between you and your ex to our messaging feature so that all of your co-parenting information stays in one central location!

Does my ex have access to my information?

No. Information that you put into the app is not accessible to anyone besides the account holder. Only information that you choose to share with your ex will be visible to them. (Also see: What information is shared with people I invite to connect?)

I have an amicable relationship with my ex. Would Truece still be useful for me?

The app is a communication and storage hub to track the “nuts and bolts” aspects of parenting – custody time, family calendar, document sharing, etc. – which makes sharing information with your co-parent easier than ever. Use Truece to keep everyone on the same page!

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