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Do I have to pay to use Truece?

No, the Standard tier of Truece is free.

I have a family member/friend who is co-parenting. Can I give a gift subscription?

Yes! Contact the Truece Team at support@truece.com to give the gift of Truece.

How do I cancel my subscription or downgrade?

Contact the Truece Team at support@truece.com to cancel.

Can I get a refund?

If you are having issues with a product, there may be other options before you uninstall it. If you need Technical Support with your Truece account, please contact Truece Support via e-mail at support@truece.com or call 800-397- 3112.

You have 60 days to cancel your Truece subscription. Visit
https://truece.com/legal/refund-policy/ for a full description of terms and conditions.

What are the subscription options?

There are 3 subscriptions tiers: Standard, Enhanced, and Premium.

Standard Tier includes:
•  Price — Free
•  Full Suite of App Features
•  Messenger
•  Expenses
•  Parenting Time
•  Calendar
•  Notes
•  Unlimited linked users/accounts
•  Basic Reporting
•  60 Days Retrieval of Data History

ENHANCED Tier includes:
•  Price — $4.99 per month
•  All Standard Features
•  Enhanced Reporting with Smart Searching
•  Unlimited Retrieval of Data History
•  Advanced Printing and Sharing Options
•  3 GB of Secure File Storage

PREMIUM Tier includes:
•  Price — $99 per year
•  All Enhanced Features
•  5 GB of Secure File Storage
•  Shared Calendar Import
•  Smart Expense and Budgeting Features

Can legal professionals, parenting plan evaluators, mediators, receive a discount for their clients?

Yes! Contact the Truece Team at sales@truece.com and one of our Sales Associates will contact you with further information.

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