Communicate, collaborate and stay organized

Truece provides secure and convenient support for all your coparenting needs


Send and receive text messages in-app.


Update, share, and manage your family schedule.

Parenting Time

Log your custody time with the check in/check-out system for a clear and accurate visitation history.


Manage and track child-related expenses.


Generate reports in any category for your records.


Automatically store information in our secure archiving system.

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``The parenting time feature is great. It will provide evidence of actual parenting time. Every child support enforcement agency should be aware of this app.``- L.T., Child Support Enforcement Officer in Portland, OR
``Tracking messages let us get to the heart of communication between two parents, and most importantly it shows intent and eliminates he said/she said arguments. I want all my clients to use this``- Divorce Attorney in Washington State
``What parents may not realize is that after all the smoke clears, the parenting plan will be in place for 10 years, and it will change monthly at some level. We built this application to make that easier to manage…and a lot better for the children. - Tim Carlsen, Truece Interim CEO
``What a great idea! I am so bad about recording the time my kids spend with me and my ex-wife deleted the Google calendar before we went to court. This probably would've saved me some money.``- Pete Nelson, Divorced Dad
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