No more shuffling through papers, searching emails or guessing about childcare time. With Truece, all that busywork is eliminated. Truece records communications, expenses, schedules – even childcare time. And it’s all available in one free app.

Messages are saved in an archive and are searchable by keyword. Entire discussions can be recalled in moments, putting an end to disputes.

Expenses are recorded and receipts scanned and archived, removing the chance for conflict later.

Childcare time can be time and location-stamped so that there’s no ambiguity about where a client and child were on a specific date/time.

Reports generated by Truece are admissible in courts. In fact, some jurisdictions are requiring the use of co-parenting apps*.


*incidents of family courts requiring the use of a third-party co-parenting app in cases of contested divorce have been documented in all 50 states in the USA

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