hand holding cellphone with Truece screen

Minimize conflict & reduce hearsay by providing irrefutable evidence of parenting history

Comprehensive & Centralized

  • Complete parenting history in one app –custody time, expenses, messages, & calendar
  • Use on the go –anytime, anywhere

Accurate & Indisputable

  • Time, date, & location-stamped entries
  • Court-admissible reporting

Secure & Readily Available

  • Content is secured during transit
  • Searchable by subject and keyword
  • Retrievable up to three months, one year, or complete history*

Suitable for ALL cases

  • Single-user capability: not necessary for both parties to participate
  • FREE payment tier: no subscription fee required for standard package, and client still enjoys full use of app features

Reports generated by Truece are admissible in courts. In fact, some jurisdictions are requiring the use of co-parenting apps*.

*incidents of family courts requiring the use of a third-party co-parenting app in cases of contested divorce have been documented in all 50 states in the USA