We help families survive and thrive!


Founded in 2014, Truece is a technology company that understands divorce. We’re committed to driving innovation and delivering modern solutions for separated and divorced parents.

We believe that through technology some of the conflict and expense of divorce can be reduced; kids can be protected and families can begin to heal.

The Truece Team | Truce Divorce, Custody, Co-Parenting App

Every employee at Truece has been impacted by divorce in some way. Whether it was our own divorce, our parent’s, or a close friend’s – we all know the stress and damage it can cause.

We believe that keeping kids out of the middle and shielded from conflict is one of the most important things divorcing parents can do. And we help parents stay organized and feel protected during a vulnerable time. Together we’ll get through this!

Leadership Team

Tim Carlsen
Tim is a veteran of the tech industry, having served on the leadership team for multiple startup ventures across technology, financial services, and professional management services industries. He has decades of experience in building and leading high performance sales teams and managing business development initiatives to propel revenue growth.
Bill MacKay
Bill MacKay has owned multiple businesses and has been a Controller and a Business Development Professional in multiple industries. He has a wide range of business experience in leadership, management and financial operations. His broad business experience gives him the big picture perspective needed to help lead a startup business to an exit strategy.
John Peterson
VP of Product Development
From a background as a highly trained Airline Pilot, John has honed his skills as a full-stack developer over the past 17 years, eventually lending his talents to creating and managing multiple custom web applications for clients. He is knowledgeable and has experience in securely managing servers, database integration, and many server-side and client-side programming languages and frameworks. His attention to detail, logical thinking, and focus makes him a valuable asset for Truece.
Aaron Putnam
Co-founder / Investor
Truece is Aaron's third startup company. With a strong background in Executive level sales management and organizational leadership, he enjoys building companies and developing teams. Aaron is a visionary and an entrepreneur at his core. He has over 20 years of B2B and B2C sales experience, and has developed and trained multiple sales teams across the country. He has held management roles in several acquisitions and an IPO.
Brian Strick
Co-founder / Investor
Truece is Brian's fifth startup company. With a strong background in Finance and Operations, he enjoys taking great ideas and building long term profitable businesses. Brian has more than 20 years of experience as a Technical Program manager, creating industry leading products and receiving industry best product awards. He has executed on multiple mergers and acquisitions.