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About Us

  • Truece has developed a proprietary set of tools to help parents reduce conflict and stay organized before, during and after divorce. You can access these features via our smartphone app or web interface.
  • Truece is based in the Pacific Northwest, with employees in Seattle, Vancouver and Portland.
  • One interesting fact: many of our developers are also regional NW airline pilots.

What it does:

  • Communication is safe and structured for high conflict situations. Messages are saved automatically, and cannot be edited or deleted by either parent.
  • The smartphone app helps parents automatically track their parenting time based on geo-fenced triggers and calendar integration.
  • Truece supports use by a single parent, ensuring that your ex’s decisions don’t affect your ability to use the app.
  • Truece offers parent and lawyer friendly reporting, so you have access to all of your info and evidence in a convenient format.

For media inquiries or additional information please contact marketing@truece.com