You’re in control

Truece Settings Menu | Truce Divorce, Custody, Co-Parenting App

Manage your account settings, subscription and user profile. Invite family members; assigns roles and access levels. Control what is shared with your ex, current partner, your children and even your attorney, if applicable.

Record and save messages

Truece Messenger | Truce Divorce, Custody, Co-Parenting App

Messenger improves accountability and reduces conflict by permanently saving text conversations. With Truece, messages cannot be changed or erased, and they are archived chronologically and searchable by keyword.

Track and prove visitation

Documenting your actual parenting time can mean the difference of hundreds of dollars per year in child support! Truece makes it easy to keep records by maintaining all your data in a convenient mobile app that is always at the ready. Set up geo-fenced locations such as your ex’s house, or your neutral child swap coffee shop to automatically trigger a parenting time event.

Truece Parenting Time | Truce Divorce, Custody, Co-Parenting App

Manage your time

Truece Shared Calendar | Truce Divorce, Custody, Co-Parenting App

Our custom calendar keeps important info handy, organized and in one place. Create events, pin notes and automatically track parenting time. Instantly export to iCalendar, Google, Outlook and others.

Manage your money

Truece Expenses | Truce Divorce, Custody, Co-Parenting App

Track and categorize child and divorce related expenses. Save photos of receipts or purchases. Share expenses with your ex, request reimbursements or pay for agreed upon expenses.