Truece helps parents
reduce conflict and stay organized

Before Truece, parents had limited options for keeping good records for their divorce and custody arrangements. Our app provides advanced tools that have been engineered to support the specific needs and legal requirements of separated and divorced parents and their attorneys.

Call a Truece in your divorce.

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All-in-one tools to manage your divorce

  • Saving screenshots of arguments or important discussions is a thing of the past. Truece time stamps and permanently saves conversations.
  • Truece let’s you set geo-fenced triggers to automatically track parenting time so you’ll never have to guess again.
  • Request reimbursements and track who paid what and when. Getting “nickel-and-dimed” stops here.
  • Share important info, notes and photos without ever interacting with your ex.

Keep your kids out of the middle

divorced parents with child in the middle | Truce Divorce, Custody, Co-Parenting App
  • Studies show that a low conflict divorce is one of the most important factors in helping kids cope with their parents separation. When messages are saved you can hold your ex accountable and conflict is greatly reduced.
  • The structured communication, collaboration and record keeping our app provides will help you keep your kids out of the middle, and prevent stressful interactions with your ex.
  • Your kids can use the app with you, and even add their own entries to the calendar. (Don’t worry, you can always control what they see) Don’t miss out on the important stuff because your ex “forgot to mention it.”

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