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We understand, and we want to help.

No matter where you touch your client’s lives – whether early on in the divorce process in couples therapy, or later on as a family law attorney, your goal is the same as ours – to help the family get through this tough situation. No one likes to see parents fighting without a productive resolution. More importantly, no on wants to see kids stuck in the middle of poor communication.

Truece was built by divorced parents for divorced parents, in collaboration with family and law professionals to provide the tools necessary for a safe and productive coparenting arrangement.

Truece provides a convenient all-in-one home for the productive and collaborative communication that needs to happen after separation.

  • Truece is a cloud based software product with a companion mobile app. It was designed specifically for the unique needs of separated and divorced families.
  • Unlike other products made for divorced parents, Truece can be used safely and effectively by only one user. This is vital for parents wishing to protect themselves in contentious situations, where the other parent is not agreeable to using the same service.
  • Because all communication is “on the record,” parents are encouraged to maintain civility and be productive.
  • When parents are at odds and no longer living together, communicating and staying on the same page becomes even more difficult. Kids often get caught in the middle or fall victim to miscommunications. Truece fills this gap as the neutral party and go between, helping parents to rely less on their kids for communicating with the other parent.
  • Truece has developed a proprietary reporting and exporting interface that allows parents to easily share communication, financial or other types of records with their professional support team.

See the app up close…

 In addition to a full featured SaaS, we’ve developed a free companion mobile app for staying in the loop and organized on the go. Watch the video to see how Truece provides a convenient technological solution for the miscommunication that is so common during and after divorce.

How to get started

We recognize that your primary goal as a family therapy or law professional is to do the best you can for your clients. That’s why we’re extending discount codes to all professionals who are interested in sharing Truece with their clients. You can request as many discount codes as you need, and may pass them directly to your clients. We know that finances can be very tight during and after divorce, so we want to help you support your clients by enabling them to use our service for less.

Please sign up below and one of our sales associates will reach out to you to verify your practice and provide discount codes. Thank you!

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Q: Most of my clients use a shared Google calendar and communicate only via email. Isn’t this enough to ensure good record keeping?

A: Google has a lot of great tools that are free for anyone to use. The trouble with a shared document like a Google Calendar or Google Sheet is that it’s not totally secure and can be easily edited or deleted by either parent. We’ve heard stories of parents having their shared calendars deleted by the other parent the week before family court and losing all of their parenting time records. Emails present the same risks. Any email can be re-edited after it is sent, or accidentally deleted.

Truece provides an organized and secure solution that can be archive all records and communication, saving it permanently, thus posing no risk of editing, deletion or loss by either parent.

Q: My clients seem to be communicating effectively, how would they benefit from Truece?

A: Truece provides a solution that may not be necessary for everyone. However, we’ve heard from our Beta testers that even in completely amicable situations Truece was instrumental in creating a communication and storage hub for the “relationship side” of their lives. By having a dedicated online portal and mobile app to manage their co-parenting and intra-family communication, our users found that they missed out on less, kept better track of information and dates, and felt confident in their ability to co-parent and manage their budget effectively.