What is ‘Crash the App’?Truece

A collaboration between Vancouver’s local brewhouse Trap Door Brewing and the Vancouver’s tech startup Truece to help the Truece App to complete Beta Testing on to your favorite app store.

Yes, but what is it?trap door logo

Beer-lovers at Trap Door can download the app and complete checkpoints anytime before or during the night of the Crash the App Party (June 27th), giving our developers a chance to find any bugs in the app and SMASH them! At the Party, the developers will then buy the beer-lovers a delicious Trap Door beer of their choice to say thank you ♥

I like beer!  How do I play?

You can play in advance and redeem at the party, or play that night.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Download the app at the Android store.
  2. Create your Truece profile.
  1.  Fill out your email on this short form
  2. Truece will email you an invitation to join TestFlight (TestFlight is Apple’s’ beta testing platform)
  3. Install Truece from TestFlight
  4. Create your Truece Profile

I have Truece installed, how do I play the game?

Complete these 3 simple tasks within the app:

  1. Open the Truece app
  2. Select “Settings” in the drop down menu
  3. Select “Linked Accounts
  4. Select “Invite” tab
  5. Press the + icon
    • Enter “Trap Door” in Invitee’s Name Field
    • Select their Relation to you (ie: Friend)
    • Enter in Trap Door’s email address ( trapdoor@truece.com ) in the E-mail address field
    • Select “Send Invite
  1. Buy your favorite Trap Door beer (If you’re thinking, “Hey, I thought Truece was supposed to buy me a beer!” don’t worry, this isn’t a trick. Keep reading!)
  2. Open the Truece App
  3. From the drop down menu or home screen select “Expenses
  4. Press the + icon
    • Enter in the Expense Item name
    • Enter in the $ amount
    • Enter in the date of purchase
  • Select a category for the expense (ie: fuel) from the menu
  • Click “Add Receipt
    • Snap a picture of the beer (as your receipt)
    • Click the +icon (this will add the picture to the expense)
    • Click “Save Expense
  1. Open the Truece App
  2. From the drop down menu or home screen click “Messenger
    • Chose the person (ie; Trap Door) you want to message
    • Type your message. You can write anything: what kind of beer you bought, your favorite thing on tap, who served your drink…just send them a nice little note.
    • Click the send >>arrow

All steps have been completed, now what?

beer mug illustration

To redeem your beer,

  1. Look for the Truece corner…there will be a big sign and several people wearing Truece t-shirts, so you can’t miss it.
  2. Find someone wearing a Truece t-shirt, and show them your downloaded app.
  3. The friendly Truece team member will give you a ticket, which you can then go trade for a pint of any beer on tap.
  4. Bask in the warm glow of satisfaction that comes from drinking great beer and knowing you helped two awesome local companies. Win-win!

Wait…I heard there was an extra level I could play for the chance to earn Trap Door swag…how does that work?

Glad you asked! To Level Up, simply complete two additional checkpoints:

First: Add Trap Door as a “Geo-fence” location & use “Timer” to check in when you hang out at Trap Door.

Geofence is designed to help parents keep track of custody pick-ups and drop-offs, and for the purposes of Crash the App, it will remind YOU to go drink delicious beer.

  1. Open the Truece App
  2. From the dropdown menu or home screen click “Timer”
  3. Click the + icon sign on your screen
  4. Enter a Title (ie: Trap Door)
  5. Enter a description (ie: Crash the App)
  6. Turn on the Background Location Assist feature (swipe the toggle button to the right)
    • Click “Manage Geofence”
    • Use the map to locate Trap Door (if you are at Trap Door the location will appear)
    • Click Trap Door on the map (circles – a.k.a the geofence – will appear around the location)
    • Click the green checkmark
  1. Enter a Name for your geo fence location (ie: Free Beer!)
  2. Turn on the Notify on entry (swipe the toggle button to the right)
  3. Turn on the Notify on exit (swipe the toggle button to the right)
  4. Select Save Timer
  1. Open the Truece App
  2. From the drop down menu select “Reports”
  3. Email the report to yourself or Trap Door (click the email icon on the bottom of the screen).

Add a calendar event

  1. Open the Truece App
  2. Select “Calendar” on the homepage or dropdown menu
    1. Select the day you want to add an event to  – note: be sure to hold your finger on that date for at least a second …otherwise, the ‘add event’ screen will not appear)
    2. Select “New Event”
    3. Enter the Title of the your event (ex “Crash the App”)
    4. Enter the Start and End times
    5. Optional: Select from the “Others” drop down menu if you want to share this event with any of your Linked Accounts
    6. Optional: Select the “Repetition” frequency to add the event as a daily, weekly, monthly, or year occurance
    7. Click “Create Event”

Once again, what’s the point of this?

 Reporting is usually used to provide parents with a thorough and accurate record of their custody history. For you, it will be a fun little summary of all the beer-related information you’ve entered into the app. (Unless you’ve also been using it for co-parenting purposes. In which case, cool! You’ll get the best of both worlds.)

I’ve Leveled Up… now what happens?

Awesome! Now you’ll be entered into a drawing for the chance to earn:

Trap Door Pint Glasses

Growler fill of your choice

Trap Door T-Shirt

Prizes will be handed out at the Crash the App party on Wednesday, June 27th. Since we want to make sure people have time to play the game at the party, raffles will happen later in the evening, between 8 and 9pm.